Acer Acer AOD250-1604 Review

Acer Acer AOD250-1604
430 $ at
  • Intel Atom N270 (1.6 GHz)

  • Intel GMA 950

  • 1 GB RAM Size

  • 160 GB HDD Capacity


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  • /100


  • Design


    The reviewers rated the laptop design as below average. The laptop appearance will surely not please everyone’s taste, yet people who do not put a major emphasis on design will be satisfied.

  • Build Quality


    The build quality is above average providing for the necessary protection of the computer’s internal parts. The build quality should be acceptable for users moving the laptop around on a frequent basis, even after a couple of years. The external parts might however wear out after medium-term usage , resulting in cracks or squeaking sounds.

  • Display


    Generally the reviewers evaluated this laptop to be below average. At this level, office work could be manageable. For more demanding tasks like multimedia use, high definition gaming and professional editing you will need a higher quality display. To get a more comprehensive review of this display, users should check the ratings of the different attributes of this screen.

    • Display Resolution

      1024 x 600

      This resolution is not high enough for fitting one window fully on the display. This makes multitasking and office work quite a hassle. Viewing highly detailed pictures requires a lot of zooming in order to see all the details on the picture. Low resolution picture and video editing is manageable yet quite unpleasant. This resolution is okay for online gaming, it is however an absurdity for high resolution games. Watching most movies will be accompanied by black bars at the bottom and the top of the display.

    • Reflections



      Viewing the display without major difficulties is achievable in almost all indoor lighting conditions. Office workers should be satisfied with this laptop. Reflections on the display will however cause discomfort when outdoors, unless the laptop is positioned in shaded spaces.

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  • Sound


    The internal speakers of this laptop provided for a below average sound quality. Low sounds are still recognizable. Music can still listened to although the users should account for the necessity of external speakers when planning to watch a movie with a group. Musicians should not even stop to consider this laptop for their work, and gamers will be disappointed as the sound will be convincing. Even maximum volume will not make the sound experience enjoyable.

  • Keyboard


    This keyboard will be just enough for causal use, as it will be quite hard to make it fulfil the comfort and endurance required for long typing hours. It will for example be perfect for your 15-minute morning news session, or for checking and answering short emails. It will be very challenging to use this keyboard for extensive gaming or for any tasks requiring considerable typing speed.

    • Keyboard Flex



      This keyboard will prove to be resistant to increasing amounts of pressure, and would only start to bend when significantly pressed. The plastic below the keyboard thus barely flexes, which will only be noticeable when seriously hammering this thing. You can thus expect high levels of speed and comfort when using this computer, even for long typing hours.

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  • Touchpad


    This touchpad made a negative impression on most reviewers. The users will experience problems ranging from the level of feedback accuracy, the size of the trackpad, to the either too slippery or too rough surface of the touchpad. The buttons are not any better, as their level of accuracy is far from impressive. Most users should consider an external mouse, to either complement or replace this touchpad.

  • Battery Surfing

    7:03 h

    The battery life is quite good. If are going to work outside, you can easily plan to spend up to six hours without your charger. Be it for a client meeting, preparing a paper, or simply answering your emails, lowering the brightness of your screen will greatly contribute to extending the battery life. As long as you do not launch programs which suck a lot of energy out of your battery like watching movies or playing games, you should be able to enjoy your half a day out. Also, make sure to check that the energy saving mode is on to maximise the time away from the power socket.

    • Battery DVD/Video

      5:01 h

      The laptop will last for 3 to 4 hours when used for performance demanding applications such as watching movies. Other tasks such as turning the brightness all the way up, playing music in the background, or streaming online videos will stress your battery as well. Playing games will use the battery up even faster, so if you want to use your notebook for some time, you might want to avoid it all together. Buying an additional battery could be quite expensive, but it will allow you to double the time you can stay without a power plug.

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  • Weight

    2.36 lbs

    Some users will be exhausted carrying the computer with them, even for a few minutes. Although the weight is within the range of acceptability, it might yet be challenging to find a fitting bag for comfortable mobility. If you take into account the extra weight of the charger, this notebook will be tiring to walk around with even for a short period of time. It might as well occupy too much space for convenient use in cafes or airplanes.

  • Noise


    Most users will find the laptop to be on the quiet side. There is some noise emitted from the fan, the CD drive and other laptop parts, yet most will not experience any inconveniences due to it. Noise sensitive people might opt for an even quieter computer.

  • Temperature


    The laptop often gets too warm. Most reviewers found, at normal room temperature, it may be okay to keep the notebook on your lap when you are just surfing the net. The laptop will definitely get hot when you stress it, watching a movie or alike.


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