Acer Aspire AS5749- Review

Acer Aspire AS5749-
  • Intel Core i3-2330M (2×2.2 GHz)

  • Intel HD Graphics 3000

  • 4 GB RAM Size

  • 750 GB HDD Capacity


Our summary of all reviews

  • 29 /100


    • 3DMark 06 1024 x 768

      4423.57 #

    • 3DMark Vantage

      2133.24 #

    • PCMark Vantage

      4866 #

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  • Design


    The reviewers rated the laptop design as below average. The laptop appearance will surely not please everyone’s taste, yet people who do not put a major emphasis on design will be satisfied.

  • Build Quality


    The build quality is above average providing for the necessary protection of the computer’s internal parts. The build quality should be acceptable for users moving the laptop around on a frequent basis, even after a couple of years. The external parts might however wear out after medium-term usage , resulting in cracks or squeaking sounds.

  • Display


    Generally the reviewers deemed this laptop to be above average. Users could expect this display to provide for average satisfaction with office work as well as multimedia use. Gamers and professional designers might however not find this display to their taste. To get a more comprehensive review of this display, users should check the ratings of the different attributes of this screen.

    • Display Resolution

      1366 x 768

      This resolution is also called HD-ready. Viewing more than one website on the monitor is almost impossible, as one window takes up almost the whole space. Graphic designers might not be completely satisfied with this resolution, as this latter might be too small. High resolution picture and video editing is plainly impossible. This resolution is a good option for gamers as many graphic cards will be powerful enough to support the native resolution of this display. Watching most movies will be possible without any black bars at the top and bottom of the display.

    • Color Reproduction



      The color spectrum covered by the display is acceptable. Both color saturation and natural appearance of the pictures are good enough for viewing HD movies and gaming. Professional designers however will find that only a higher level of color reproduction will satisfy their needs.

    • Contrast



      This laptop is able to produce a satisfactory contrast between the darkest color -black- and the brightest color -white-. It allows for acceptable readability as it is easy to distinguish black writing on a white background when indoors. The needs of professional designers might not be met with this contrast. Shadows are decently displayed providing for an okay gaming experience. Horror, Mystery, and Action movies will be much more enjoyed in a darkened space which accounts for the average display contrast.

    • Brightness



      The maximum brightness of this computer can be described as sufficient in most indoor settings. Under medium lighting conditions, this computer will provide for reading, watching movies and gaming with no annoyances. Bright ambient light will however not be favorable for any of the activities mentioned above. A positive point with this mediocre range of brightness is that it allows for energy saving. The battery lasts for longer hours compared to when used with a brighter screen.

    • Reflections



      The reflections on this screen cause its usability to be close to minimal. Users will only be able to comfortably view the display in either dark environment or with the least possible amount of lighting. Outdoor use will prove to be absurd; patience and continuous focus will be required for any actual and efficient use of this laptop under medium lighting conditions.

    • Viewing Angle



      Two individuals can sit next to one another comfortably, and still view the screen with hardly any image deviation. Colours might start to change if you move far to the sides of the display, so viewing the screen with a group of people will not guarantee a clear picture for everyone.

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  • Sound


    The internal speakers of this laptop provided for a below average sound quality. Low sounds are still recognizable. Music can still listened to although the users should account for the necessity of external speakers when planning to watch a movie with a group. Musicians should not even stop to consider this laptop for their work, and gamers will be disappointed as the sound will be convincing. Even maximum volume will not make the sound experience enjoyable.

  • Keyboard


    This keyboard will be just enough for causal use, as it will be quite hard to make it fulfil the comfort and endurance required for long typing hours. It will for example be perfect for your 15-minute morning news session, or for checking and answering short emails. It will be very challenging to use this keyboard for extensive gaming or for any tasks requiring considerable typing speed.

    • Key Responsiveness



      The responsiveness of this keyboard allows for most users to be satisfied with individual key feedback. The keys do require some pressure for efficient typing, without being either too soft or too stiff for manipulation. Most users will find this keyboard supportive for long typing hours as the keys can be pressed down without any difficulty and they respond back quite fast. Although this keyboard might not be responsive enough for some, the general feel of the keyboard should be within the ranges of satisfaction for most of us.

    • Keyboard Flex



      Although the plastic below the keyboard does flex at noticeable levels, it is still not bothersome enough to interrupt your typing. it is true that your typing speed might decrease and your comfort will not be ideal, but the flex of this keyboard is still not too annoying for most users.

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  • Touchpad


    Reviewers considered the trackpad of this laptop as falling a little bit below general standards. Problems with either the accuracy of the touchpad, its size, its slipperiness or its roughness might be at the origin of this rating. The touchpad button does not seem to rank high neither, and problems with either precision or smoothness will make extensive use a modest experience. Some users might already be thinking of having an external mouse within reach, thus making up for the shortcomings of this trackpad.

    • Touchpad Surface



      The reviewers deemed the feeling of the touchpad to be acceptable. It was neither too rough, which would make your fingers hurt after extensive use, neither too smooth, which would cause your finger to slip. It is not a perfect tactical experience, but nevertheless good enough for most people.

    • Touchpad Size



      The size of this touchpad is above average. You can browse through large displayed pages, although it might require frequent finger movement. Putting the sensitivity settings up on your computer should make your mouse move faster, and thus cover “more ground”, without much sacrifice of the accuracy of your pointer.

    • Buttons



      The reviewers considered the button quality of this touchpad to be satisfactory. Most users can rely on the accuracy and the smoothness of this button to carry out regular tasks. Very demanding users might find that the buttons fail to strike the right balance between being easy to click and giving clear feedback, making them a little too soft or too stiff. The button’s clicking sound will be acceptable for most, although sensitive users might prefer an even less noticeable auditive feedback.

    • Buttons Noise



      The buttons respond with a decent click when pressed.

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  • Battery Surfing

    2:15 h

    The battery provides for up to 3 hours working away from a power source, if the energy saving mode is enabled, and the brightness is set to the minimum. Needless to say that you should avoid running any other programs while you are on battery alone. If you require more independent time from a power source, you should seriously consider a second battery to carry around with you.

  • Weight

    5.29 lbs

    This laptop will be considered by most users to be on the heavy side. You might find it best to only move this notebook under exceptional conditions and use it as a desktop replacement. You will definitely notice the heavy weight when putting the notebook on your lap. If you factor the extra weight of the charger, carrying around this computer will tire you, even if your praise yourself to be in good shape.

  • Temperature


    The laptop may occasionally get too warm. Most reviewers found, at normal room temperature, you can comfortably use the laptop without burning your fingers or legs. The notebook may only become too warm when you stress it, watching a movie or alike.


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