Samsung X460 Review

Samsung X460
590 $ at amazon.com
  • Intel Core 2 Duo P8600 (2.4 GHz)

  • NVIDIA GeForce 9200M GS

  • 3 GB Memory (RAM) Size

  • 320 GB HDD Capacity

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  • Design


    The design delighted the majority of all reviewers and they predicted it to be at the taste of most users. The notebook’s appearance walks a fine line between function and form.

    • Display Resolution

      1280 x 800

      This resolution does not allow for much multitasking. Opening two windows next to one another is quite annoying as much scrolling is needed to view the content of both. The users might get lost between their windows, as a continuous expanding and minimizing is required. Viewing highly detailed pictures demands quite a lot of zooming, and only low resolution picture and video editing is possible. Gamers could be satisfied with this resolution as many graphic cards support the native resolution of this display and run very smoothly. The gaming will not however be experienced to its full potential, as viewing graphic details is limited. The majority of movies will be viewed with black bars at the top and the bottom of the display.

    • Reflections



      Viewing the display without major difficulties is achievable in almost all indoor lighting conditions. Office workers should be satisfied with this laptop. Reflections on the display will however cause discomfort when outdoors, unless the laptop is positioned in shaded spaces.

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  • Battery Surfing

    4:18 h

    This battery life should be enough for users planning to spend just a bit over a couple of hours away from a power source. If you want, for example, to check your emails in the garden, or during a short train ride, you should make sure that your display is set on low brightness. You should as well turn on your energy saving mode, and avoid running any other parallel programs other than the one you are using. With all these precautions, this battery might still not be enough for you, in this case you should have a second battery to secure longer working hours away from a power socket.

    • Battery DVD/Video

      3:17 h

      This battery will only provide for 2 to 3 hours of work with energy demanding applications. You will probably be able to watch one movie or stream a couple of videos. Gaming will consume much more energy compared to watching videos, thus the battery will not last as long. For mobile use, an external battery is a good idea as it will double the time you are independent from power sockets.

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  • Weight

    4.19 lbs

    This laptop will be considered by most users to be on the heavy side. You might find it best to only move this notebook under exceptional conditions and use it as a desktop replacement. You will definitely notice the heavy weight when putting the notebook on your lap. If you factor the extra weight of the charger, carrying around this computer will tire you, even if your praise yourself to be in good shape.


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