Toshiba Satellite P850-138 Review

Toshiba Satellite P850-138
  • Intel Core i3-330M (2×2.13 GHz)

  • NVIDIA GeForce GT 630M

  • 8 GB Memory (RAM) Size

  • 640 GB HDD Capacity

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  • 29 /100


  • Design


    The reviewers’ opinions tended predominantly towards moderate satisfaction concerning the laptop design. The notebook’s appearance was decently received and should prove to be at the taste of many users.

    • Display Resolution

      1024 x 600

      This resolution is not high enough for fitting one window fully on the display. This makes multitasking and office work quite a hassle. Viewing highly detailed pictures requires a lot of zooming in order to see all the details on the picture. Low resolution picture and video editing is manageable yet quite unpleasant. This resolution is okay for online gaming, it is however an absurdity for high resolution games. Watching most movies will be accompanied by black bars at the bottom and the top of the display.

    • Brightness



      The maximum brightness of this computer is adequate for viewing the screen comfortably, even under bright ambient light. However, the users must be cautious to only push the brightness to its maximum in bright conditions, eg. outdoors. Setting the brightness to a high level will drastically decrease the battery life. In addition, using the notebook at maximum brightness in a dark room will be tiring for the eyes.

    • Viewing Angle



      You can see the screen comfortably even when looking from the side. Colors distortions will only happen, when the display is leaned backward or forward to its maximum. You can comfortably watch a movie with friends, or show the screen to a few people.

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    • Sound Clarity



      The sound is perfectly clear, even at maximum volume. You will enjoy sound effects from movies and games with a true to nature experience of sound. While watching a horror movie, you might at some point believe that the guy with the axe is slowly opening the door of your own room.

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    • Layout



      Many users will have a hard time readjusting to the layout of this keyboard. Some of the keys might be placed, shaped or sized differently compared to a conventional keyboard layout, leading to frequent typing mistakes and a decrease in typing speed. Overall users will not be satisfied with this layout, although with persistence it can still be manageable.

    • Keyboard Size



      The size of this keyboard might not be to the linking of some users. The keys are slightly small, which might result in some typos. The palm rest is designed for people with smaller hands. The keys might be too cramped resulting in frequent typing mistakes and quite a long readjustment time before distinctively improving your typing speed and reducing your typing mistakes.

    • Key Responsiveness



      Although some reviewers did not find this keyboard convincing when it comes to responsiveness, most users will still judge it as generally acceptable for typing. This keyboard could suffer from either too stiff or too soft individual keys, which generally causes a decrease in typing speed. Another problem that might be encountered with this keyboard is the level of feedback provided when typing. The individual keys would either take too long to jump back up or are impossible to push far down enough to get appropriate feedback. Users might find it too energy consuming or too annoying especially with long typing hours, yet this keyboard is still manageable from an overall perspective.

    • Keyboard Flex



      This keyboard may be for some users manageable, although for most it will be rated below average. The plastic below the keyboard sometimes flexes and the uncontrollable movement of the individual keys will throw you off your typing flow. Smooth typing is far from being an attainable reality, and will make users take some deep breaths to lower their levels of frustration and anger.

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