What we offer

  • A way to save time. We summarize thousands of reviews for you, so you don’t have to waste your time comparing millions of laptops.
  • An objective opinion. We summarize and average all existing reviews, so you can make an educated purchase decision. Our ranking satisfies experts and nonexperts, as it allows both to gain quick access to objective data.
  • Understandable language. We present our information so that you can understand it without being a computer geek.
  • Multilingual. Our team reads reviews in different languages (English, German, Japanese, French, Polish, Swedish, and many more), and translates the information to: English, German, and Japanese.

How we earn a living

When you like a laptop and decide on your choice, click the “buy at amazon”, we get a commission for every sale.

What we do

Currently, we only focus on laptops, but we plan to expand to other electronics, like cameras and TVs, very soon. So, here is the process of our work:

The first step for us is to find all the reviews of a laptop and read them online.

Then, we chart the opinion of every reviewer in a huge database. To give you an example of how that goes:
A reviewer in Japan writes: “キーボードの使用感は良いです。” Fortunately, we understand Japanese so we put in the database: Keyboard: 4 out of 5 points.
Another reviewer in Australia writes about the same laptop: “The individual key action delivers acceptable feedback when pressed”. So we record: 2 out of 5 points.

Next we calculate the average of all reviews for this particular laptop.

Finally you see a custom summary for every laptop, with a description of what each score stands for.

We track more than 100 different attributes for every laptop. We chart down things like, how much memory a computer has, its Bluetooth ability, how good the display is rated, or how much noise the laptop produces. To give you an approximation of the work we put in it, here are some numbers (at the time of writing):

  • 250 laptops are recorded
  • 10 reviews per laptop
  • ≈ 250 000 values: Quite a complete picture of all that is out there.

All this information is compiled and presented to you. For a real-life experience of our product, follow the link: Laptop search

How Testranking is better than other systems

In order to make an educated choice about the laptop you intend to buy, you need to get information about the specific functions of this laptop. How long lasting the battery is, how hot the computer gets, and how good the build quality is, are all examples of things you need to know. Unfortunately, a quick survey of existing sites shows you that to get this kind of information, you need to read many reviews. In addition, you as well need to be able to compare and select among these reviews. A general search will never give you the kind of insight you need. So, how long does it take to read one laptop review? We, at Testranking, read well over 2000, and it takes us at least 20 minutes to find one review and extract all information out of it.
Now, do you want to rely on the opinion of one sole reviewer? You shouldn’t : You have to find a different review for the same model.
After a couple of reviews, you have an idea of what ONE laptop is like. Great!! Now you only have 100 more laptops to go!

The long time required to find a laptop is not the only annoyance you need to deal with. The same laptop model is sold worldwide. You, as a potential buyer, will only access reviews in your language(s). What we do at Testranking, is collecting information from articles in pretty much all existing languages. Then, we translate them and offer them to you, so you have all information available worldwide.

Ah! and one last thing: For you to even start any of the steps above, you need to actually understand what all those experts are writing about. If not, you need to acquire the expertise for that. Are you willing to read about what Preboot environment is before you learn about how good it is in the laptop you are interested in? Well, It is your call. If you are too lazy, or have better things to do, come to us, we simply all that jargon to you, so you can spend your time and your brain cells on more exciting things.

Who we are: Our story

The story of how we started is a story that many of you out there might have lived already, or are managing as you read this page.

The few individuals in our team have had a series of requests from friends and family members, to assist them in buying technology, laptops in particular. Before advising anyone on the best laptop fitting their needs, it was essential for all of us to actually do the research. This was by no means enjoyable, it consumed long hours, and required quite some patience. Over time, we came to realize that there must be a more efficient and effective way to advice our beloved ones. Companies with millions of funding were still not able to fulfill our needs for time saving and quality information. Another very important point which pushed us to explore alternative ways for technology purchase, was the abundance of reviews in one or two international languages, but its complete lack in many others, such as Japanese for example.
The idea of Testranking thus sprang as an attempt to address all these issues and limitations, and although we are merely at the start of this great adventure, we trust that it will ease the lives of millions of people around the world in the near future.
Our team is dedicated, knowledgeable, multilingual and open to your suggestions which we consider an integral part of our work. You, at the end of the day, are the ones who decide how we measure up to the big players out there.